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Cynthia & Jonathon

Peconic River Herb Farm

Our lovely and beautiful friends...

...just look at them.

Our friends are treasures to us and Cynthia & Jonathon have been in our lives for a few years now.  They have taken part in many of our life milestones including the birth of our son, celebrating birthdays, BBQs, family & friend gatherings, and so much more.  More importantly, they are in our hearts always, as dear friends.  That is why we are beyond thrilled to present this story of love for all of you to see.

Cynthia & Jonathon moved to Massachusetts and we have missed them lately.  It was such a joy to hear from them and the news of their engagement.  When they broke the news to us they immediately told us that we would be a big part of their day and that they really wanted us to photograph their wedding.  Needless to say, this filled our hearts with warmth, knowing that they put their trust in us to capture the love they share for one another.  Well, we started out with their engagement session this past weekend and it would be safe to say, we are off to a great start.  We often times talk about having a level of comfort when you have two photographers that want to take the time to get to know you as a couple.  With Cynthia & Jonathon we cheated a little bit. However, it is still the same scenario.  When you have a camera pointed at you, you are either all for it, or not.  Having known us for years, Cynthia & Jonathon had their guard down even before the session began and that is one less hurdle for us to jump over.  The other challenges we could be faced with during an engagement session are weather, lighting, location, attire.  Everything just seemed to come together so effortlessly for them and their engagement session at the beautifully rustic, natural, and organic location, Peconic River Herb Farm in Calverton, Long Island, New York.  PRHF is such a unique space that has so much to offer.  We have been to the property many times for various shoots and each time we visit we always try to explore something new.  Cynthia & Jonathon were open to ALL of our ideas and welcomed anything we threw at them.  Overall, I would say this is one of our most successful engagement sessions we have ever done.  Everything came together wonderfully, it was a little brisk out but it wasn’t cold enough to take the smiles off of their faces, overcast clouds kept the sun out of their faces, the colors and textures lended nicely to the unique personalities of our lovely friends, and they looked great in the outfits they chose.  Let’s also take a second to talk about how incredible Cynthia’s hair looks against the Autumn leaves, wow!!

As you can see, this was an amazing session.  We love this property and would welcome any couple to consider using it for their engagement session or wedding day portraits.


Keith Stein

Quaint little locations

As you can clearly see, there is oodles of variety around Peconic River Herb Farm.  They have a large barn with a variety of vintage furniture, signs, and novelty items.  There is a greenhouse with beautiful pottery, tables, and chairs.  This toolshed is filled with a lot of vintage tools and accessories.

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